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Examination Cell

The Examination Cell came into existence after the announcement of autonomy in the academic year 2013-14. The committee is headed by the Principal,the Controller of Examinations with supporting staff. The examination cell takes care of the formative and summative assessment and monitors the progress of the students of the institution. The Examination Cell started its functioning from 2014-15.

Conducting of all semester End examinations and internal assessmentsis the prime responsibilities of the Examination cell. Further, Examination cell coordinates with the Internal Examination Committee and various boards of the departments in examination matters. The Controller of Examinations works under the guidance of the Principal, the Convener of Examinationsregarding the examination matters. The examination committee announces the results and prepares the Provisional Certificates of the passed candidates as per the guidelines of Acharya Nagarjuna University as our college is affiliated of Acharya Nagarjuna University, Guntur.

Constitution of Examination Cell

The Examination cell was started during the academic year 2014-15 since the Autonomous status came into force to our college .The examination cell was constituted with one convener, one Controller of Examinations and two supporting members.

Committee Members For The Year 2020-21

1. Dr. V.R. Jyotsna Kumari, Principal & Convener of the Examination Cell.

2. Smt. N. Praveena Kumari, Controller Of Examinations

3. Ms. G.V.S. Pranayani Devi, Member.

Supporting staff of Examination Cell

1. M. Beulah, Programmer.

2. G. Jaya Lakshmi, Asst.Programmer.

3. N. Krishna Kumari, Attender.

The Functions of The Cell

1. Prepares an examination calendar for the whole academic year.

2. Prepares modalities for collection of fees from students

3. Prepares the time table for the Internal Assessment and Semester EndExaminations

4. Announces Seating arrangement in the Examination halls.

5. Notifies the students and staff about the examinations dates and time tables.

6. Takes the necessary confidential steps to prepare the question paper for the semester end examinations well in advance

7. Takes necessary steps for distribution of answer sheets and question papers and award lists

8. Invites all the departments to submit their list of courses along with the pattern of examination and the list of students who completed the course

9. Prepares Marks Memos of various examinations from distributes them to the students

10. Analyzes all examination results with the Principal academic committees, prepares necessary reportsto be submitted to authorities from time to time

11. Maintains all records pertaining to examinations.

12. Prepares a consolidated marks register along with the duly filled provisional certificates and submits to the University for approval.

13. Addresses the grievances of students related to examination issues