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To empower women students of first generation families from marginalised sections with 21st century skills to grow as global citizens with values for a holistic personality.


1) Imparting knowledge, skills and values through need based and flexible curriculum through student - centered teaching methods

2) Facilitating research temper, critical and creative thinking skills among teachers and learners through digital resources

3) Providing an objective and participatory atmosphere and facilities for developing self-confidence, self-esteem, employability, entrepreneur skills and overall development

4) Integrating a serving spirit, integrity, accountability, dedication and commitment among the teaching and non-teaching staff and the students through transparent and participative administration.

5) Creating an eco-friendly ambience through green practices, and offering value based education through community help and extension activities.

Core Values

Our vision is to empower women students of the first generation families from marginalised sections with 21st century skills to grow as global citizens with values for a holistic personality. Hence we want to focus on the development of the following core values:

    •  Values And Ethics

    •  Accountability

    •  Inter Disciplinary Collaboration

    •  Women Empowerment

    •  Community And Diversity

    •  Excellence

Values and Ethics:

Along with technological development, we need values and ethics for a progressive and harmonious survival. As the institution shapes the students into future citizens of a responsible society the institution lays a special emphasis on qualities like truth, love, commitment, discipline and honesty.


As ‘accountability’ plays a vital role in shaping the personality of the individual, all the teachers, the students and the non-teaching staff are motivated to develop this quality.

Inter Disciplinary Collaboration

The Institution with twenty four departments in various branches of learning tries to offer the best quality of education through an inter - disciplinary approach. The disciplines collaborate for shaping learning in a meaningful way.

Women Empowerment:

As this is primarily an institution for women students of the district the institution tries to empower the first generation women students as competent global citizens with sophisticated employability skills and life skills.

Community and Diversity:

The progress of a society depends on the development and prosperity of a community, which in turn depends on the involvement of the Educational Institution. As ours is a Lead College in the district we commit ourselves for the development of community through diverse programmes and activities which focus on literacy, cleanliness, health, ecological awareness and community related problems. Our students as NSS volunteers take up many activities to serve the community and thus partake the responsibility for societal development.

Excellence :

Excellence should be the hallmark of every academic institution. The excellence of an institution is judged by its performance in different areas. Curricular, co-curricular, extra-curricular and extension activities decide the performing status of an institution. With need-based and flexible curriculum, Student-Centered Methods in Teaching and Learning, research temper and good ambience for learning with e-resources and digital platforms, transparent and decentralised governance and an eco friendly campus, the institution with its 75 years of history is striving for excellence with a focus on the holistic personality of the students.